Dress-up parties just might be one of the very best parts of Halloween. Most children excitedly anticipate the season in which they can adorn their bodies in outfits and faces in make-up, and play the part of their favourite costumed character. Whether you?re planning to host a f?te this year, or simply attend, we have plenty of options to assist you with your magical masquerade event.

1. Determine your guest list: Decide if it?s for children and adults, adults only, or a teen dress up party. The timing and flow will greatly depend on this.

2. Choose a location. Your home is the most obvious choice, but if it?s an afternoon affair you?re planning, and the weather chooses to cooperate, your local park or playground will make for an excellent alternative. ?Wooded areas lend themselves to creating a naturally spooky setting, and a haunted forest will create the perfect backdrop for your party.

3. Decide on a theme. A focused theme will not only make selecting your d?cor and menu easier, it was also provide your guests with some dress-up direction, while allowing them creative control over their ghastly getups.

4. Mail out your invitations. Invitations are a party must-have and even though the electronic ones are simple and environmentally friendly, Halloween is the perfect time for the good old-fashioned, variety. ?Kids love to receive mail, so be sure to address your creepy correspondence to them, even if their parents are invited.

5. Prepare your menu. ?Dress-up parties allow you to keep the d?cor, activities and food simple, in order for the costumes themselves to shine. ?Many outfits aren?t conducive to eating, so the less complicated your Franken-feast, the better.

6. Create your music playlist. While spooky sounds set the tone for a haunting Halloween, fun tunes with a peppy beat are much more kid friendly. ?Games and activities can also be effortless, with bobbing for apples, ghost stories, craft tables and pumpkin decorating being easy options.

7. Decide what to wear. Today?s costumes come from a variety of sources?you can rent, buy or make a costume, with homemade ones making a significant comeback in the past few years.When making your own costumes, a quick perusal of what rests within your storage, garage and recycling bin is often the only inspiration needed for new creations.
If it?s a new costume you?re after, shopping your local party supply, department or dollar stores always yields good results, and inspiration can be found at each of these places.

8. Offer prizes. Hand out something fun for the most creative, spooky and best handmade costumes, making sure there are as many categories as there are guests. ?The costume party is not a competition, and it?s nice for all of the guests to leave with a prize.

Written by Jan Scott

Source: http://www.whatsupfamilies.com/2012/featured/frightfully-fun-costume-parties/

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